About Us

Our Mission – It is the mission statement of southern California ambulance to provide the residents of all the cities in which we service, the highest quality patient care and service excellence.


Our Focus – Southern California Ambulance will focus its efforts on responding safely and in a timely manner to any and all request for non-emergency medical transportation.


Our Core Values – To our patients: We owe our patients the highest level of patient care and overall customer service. This is to be achieved though a single focus on integrity, and professionalism. We continually improve our service through attention to detail.


To Our Organization – We owe Southern California Ambulance our full commitment, dedication and focus. We shall always work beyond expectations in each individual position to encourage teamwork and leadership from all Team members.


To Each Other – We owe each other a positive working atmosphere built upon respect and trust for each other in order to encourage honesty and cohesiveness.


To Ourselves – We owe ourselves personal and professional growth. We will gain knowledge by adapting and overcoming challenges presented.


Our Goals

  • Goal 1– Develop an infrastructure to effectively deliver and manage appropriate level medical attention to our patients.
  • Goal 2 – Develop working relationships with medical professionals to improve current Southern California Ambulance transportation effectiveness.
  • Goal3 – To continue compliance with governmental, state, and local accreditations.